Gautam Thapar Net Worth
February 14, 2023


Gautam Thapar is a well-known businessman in India. He is the founder of the Avantha Group, a conglomerate that operates in various sectors such as paper, power transmission equipment, and food processing. Gautam Thapar’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 billion, making him one of the wealthiest individuals in India.

The Early Life of Gautam Thapar

Gautam Thapar was born in Kolkata, India, in 1960. He is the son of L.M. Thapar, who was the founder of the Thapar Group. Gautam Thapar grew up in a business family, and this upbringing instilled in him a passion for entrepreneurship. After completing his education, he took over the reins of the family business and expanded it into new areas.

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The Business Endeavors of Gautam Thapar

Gautam Thapar founded the Avantha Group in 1996. The Group has grown into a multi-billion dollar enterprise that operates in various domains such as paper, power transmission, and food processing. Gautam Thapar is also the Chairman of Ballarpur Industries Limited (BILT), which is one of the largest paper manufacturers in India.

Gautam Thapar’s Net Worth

According to Forbes, Gautam Thapar’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 billion. This fortune has been amassed through his various business ventures, including the Avantha Group and BILT. Gautam Thapar is also a major shareholder in various other companies, including CG Power and Industrial Solutions and Crompton Greaves.

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Gautam Thapar’s Philanthropic Activities

Apart from his business ventures, Gautam Thapar is also actively involved in philanthropic activities. He is the founder of the Thapar Foundation, which is engaged in various charitable activities such as supporting education and healthcare initiatives. The Thapar Foundation has also established a number of educational institutions in India.

Gautam Thapar’s Personal Life

Gautam Thapar is known to be a private person and does not share much about his personal life. However, it is known that he is married and has children. He is also a keen golfer and enjoys playing the sport in his free time.

Gautam Thapar’s Business Strategies

Gautam Thapar’s business strategies have been instrumental in the growth of the Avantha Group. He has always believed in investing in new technologies and diversifying the business into new areas. He has also been focused on ensuring that the Group operates in a sustainable manner and takes care of the environment.

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The Future of Gautam Thapar and the Avantha Group

The future of Gautam Thapar and the Avantha Group looks bright. The Group is well-positioned to take advantage of the growing Indian economy, and Gautam Thapar’s astute business sense is sure to steer it towards greater success.


Gautam Thapar is a well-respected businessman in India. Through his various business ventures, he has amassed a significant fortune and has also made significant contributions to philanthropic activities. Gautam Thapar’s business acumen and his focus on sustainable growth are sure to take the Avantha Group to even greater heights in the future.


Q1. What is Gautam Thapar’s net worth?
A1. Gautam Thapar’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 billion.

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Q2. What businesses does Gautam Thapar own?
A2. Gautam Thapar owns various businesses, including the Avantha Group and BILT.

Q3. What is the Thapar Foundation?
A3. The Thapar Foundation is a charitable organization founded by Gautam Thapar that supports education and healthcare initiatives.

Q4. What is Gautam Thapar’s business strategy?
A4. Gautam Thapar’s business strategy involves investing in new technologies, diversifying the business, and operating in a sustainable manner.

Q5. What is the future of the Avantha Group?
A5. The future of the Avantha Group looks bright, and Gautam Thapar’s focus on sustainable growth is sure to take it to even greater heights.

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