Gayle Benson Net Worth
February 22, 2023


Gayle Benson is a woman known for her prominent role in American sports and business industries. She is widely recognized as the owner of the New Orleans Saints and New Orleans Pelicans franchises, apart from being a philanthropist and a devoted wife. Mrs. Benson holds a huge fortune that begs the question as to how much she is worth. This article attempts to explore Mrs. Benson’s wealth and understand the sources of her vast riches.

Family Background and Early Life

Gayle Benson was born in New Orleans in 1947 to a family of modest means. She was raised in the 7th Ward of New Orleans, where her grandparents operated a grocery store. The neighborhood primarily consisted of African American residents, and Benson learned early on the value of hard work. She started working in a store at the age of twelve, and by the time she was 18, she had saved enough funds to stake her claim in the automotive industry.

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Automotive Industry

Mrs. Benson’s first business venture was in the automotive industry, where she started as a sales clerk in a Chevrolet dealership. After several years of working her way up, she was offered a dealership of her own in the late 1970s. She owned Benson Chevrolet for over three decades, where she established security agreements and relationships with local banks that enabled her to thrive in a predominantly male business.

Sports Ownership

In 2018, Mrs. Benson took over ownership of the New Orleans Saints and the New Orleans Pelicans following her husband’s death. Since taking over both franchises, Benson has made several investments to ensure both teams remain competitive and successful. Under her supervision, the Saints have led the NFL in total offense since the 2017-2018 season, and the Pelicans recently secured the first pick in the 2019 NBA draft.

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Real Estate Investments

Apart from owning businesses, Mrs. Benson has also invested heavily in real estate. Mrs. Benson’s notable investments include the acquisition of two historic New Orleans buildings – the Mercedes-Benz Superdome and the Benson Tower. Benson has also purchased rental properties in New Orleans that generate revenues to this day.


Mrs. Benson is also known for her extensive philanthropic endeavors, involving contributions to various charitable organizations and community projects. Through her family foundation, she has donated millions to initiatives that span healthcare, education, and animal welfare. She has also been an advocate for preserving cultural heritage in New Orleans and has financially supported several organizations that work towards this cause.

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Net Worth Estimate

Estimating an individual’s net worth can be quite challenging, as several factors determine financial standing. That said, considering all of Mrs. Benson’s business investments, real estate holdings, and philanthropic contributions, Forbes estimated her net worth in 2021 to be approximately $3.1 billion.

What Factors Contribute to Gayle Benson’s Wealth?

Mrs. Benson’s wealth is primarily due to her ownership in various businesses, her investments in real estate and her philanthropic contributions. She draws sizable earnings from her ownership of Benson Automotive, which was consistently named one of the top-performing automotive groups globally. Furthermore, her ownership of the New Orleans sports franchises, the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, and the Benson Tower generates steady revenues. Her philanthropic contributions positively impact her bottom line, earning her tax write-offs that indirectly add to her financial standing.

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What Future Investments is Gayle Benson Planning?

Mrs. Benson has not revealed any future investments, but, given her track record, she is likely to continue investing in sports franchises and real estate. She could potentially invest in commercial properties in the future – projects that could help her increase her net worth.


Gayle Benson’s financial standing is a result of years of hard work, business acumen, and a dedication to philanthropy. Her vast wealth could potentially continue to grow, considering her investments in the automotive industry, sports, real estate, and her charitable endeavors. Regardless of her net worth, Mrs. Benson remains committed to giving back to the New Orleans community.

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1) What is Gayle Benson’s primary source of wealth?

Mrs. Benson’s primary source of wealth is her ownership in various businesses, including Benson Automotive and the New Orleans Saints and Pelicans franchises.

2) What philanthropic causes does Gayle Benson support?

Mrs. Benson provides significant financial support to several causes, including education, animal welfare, healthcare, and cultural preservation.

3) What notable real estate investments does Gayle Benson own?

Mrs. Benson owns notable real estate properties, including the Mercedes-Benz Superdome and the Benson Tower in New Orleans.

4) How has Gayle Benson contributed to the success of sports teams?

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Mrs. Benson has invested in the success of the teams she owns by making several strategic decisions, such as hiring top-level management and player talent.

5) What is Gayle Benson’s estimated net worth?

As of 2021, Forbes estimates Mrs. Benson’s net worth to be approximately $3.1 billion.

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