Gale Harold Net Worth
January 23, 2023

The Fascinating Net Worth of Gale Harold: From Queer as Folk to Hollywood Success


Gale Harold is an American actor who has had a successful career in both television and film. He rose to fame for his role as Brian Kinney in the hit Showtime series “Queer as Folk” and has since starred in numerous other projects, including “Desperate Housewives,” “Hellcats,” and “Grey’s Anatomy.” Fans have been curious about his net worth, which is estimated to be around $1.5 million. In this blog post, we will explore the different factors that have contributed to Gale Harold’s impressive net worth.

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Early Life and Career:

Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Gale Harold initially pursued a career in the arts, studying painting and photography at the San Francisco Art Institute. However, he later turned to acting and worked in various theater productions before landing his breakout role in “Queer as Folk.” His early career in theater and smaller roles in television and film helped him establish a foundation for his future success.

The Success of Queer as Folk:

“Queer as Folk” premiered in 2000 and ran for five seasons, becoming a major hit for Showtime. The show explored the lives of a group of gay men and their friends and family members in Pittsburgh. Harold’s character, Brian Kinney, was a prominent figure on the show and helped establish him as a rising star in Hollywood. His success on the show helped him secure other roles in television and film.

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Television and Film Appearances:

After “Queer as Folk,” Gale Harold went on to appear in numerous other television shows and movies. Some of his notable roles include Jackson Braddock on “Desperate Housewives,” Julian Parish on “Hellcats,” and Dr. Shane Ross on “Grey’s Anatomy.” He has also appeared in films such as “Falling for Grace” and “Kiss Me, Kill Me.”

Roles in Independent Films:

In addition to his mainstream television and film work, Gale Harold has also starred in several independent films. These projects have allowed him to showcase his range as an actor and explore more complex and challenging roles. Some of his notable indie film roles include Eric in “Wake,” Dan in “The Unseen,” and David in “Andron.”

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Work in Theater:

In addition to his work in television and film, Gale Harold also maintains a strong presence in the theater world. He has appeared in numerous productions, including “Uncle Bob,” “Hues,” and “The Crest Theater.” His work in theater has allowed him to continue honing his craft and exploring new acting challenges.

Personal Life:

Gale Harold is notoriously private about his personal life, but it is known that he is openly gay. He has been involved in several long-term relationships, including a five-year relationship with producer and actor Yara Martinez. His openness about his sexuality and activism in the LGBTQ community have made him a role model for many.

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Philanthropy and Social Justice Work:

Gale Harold is also known for his philanthropic work and activism. He is involved with several organizations that support social justice causes, including the Human Rights Campaign, GLAAD, and the Trevor Project. He has also been vocal about his support for the Black Lives Matter movement and other important social justice issues.


Gale Harold’s net worth is the result of years of hard work and dedication to his craft. His breakout role on “Queer as Folk” helped establish him as a rising star in Hollywood, and his subsequent work in television, film, and theater has solidified his place as a respected actor. His activism and philanthropic work also demonstrate his commitment to making a positive impact on the world.

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1. How old is Gale Harold?

Gale Harold was born on July 10, 1969, which makes him 52 years old.

2. What is Gale Harold’s biggest role?

Gale Harold is best known for his role as Brian Kinney on the Showtime series “Queer as Folk.”

3. Is Gale Harold openly gay?

Yes, Gale Harold is openly gay.

4. What is Gale Harold’s net worth?

Gale Harold’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million.

5. What philanthropic work is Gale Harold involved in?

Gale Harold is involved with several organizations that support social justice causes, including the Human Rights Campaign, GLAAD, and the Trevor Project.

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