January 29, 2023


Christmas is just around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about wrapping gifts for your loved ones. While some people dread wrapping presents, it can actually be a fun and creative process. This year, why not try some new and innovative ways of wrapping gifts that are sure to impress everyone? In this blog post, we will share 10 genius ideas for wrapping Christmas gifts that are both simple and unique. Whether you’re an expert gift wrapper or new to the game, these ideas will make your presents stand out under the tree.

Section 1: Use Natural Elements

One way to make your gift wrapping look unique is by incorporating natural elements. Try using twine, holly leaves, miniature pinecones, or even a small branch of mistletoe as an added touch to your gift wrapping. Tie a small bow with twine and attach a sprig of holly leaves for a rustic look. Alternatively, wrap the gift with brown craft paper, and add a mini pinecone or a branch of mistletoe as a finishing touch. Natural elements will add an earthy touch to your gift wrapping, making it memorable for your loved one.

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Section 2: Use Furoshiki

Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese wrapping technique that involves using a square piece of cloth to wrap gifts. You can use any square fabric, from scarves to handkerchiefs, to wrap your gifts. Furoshiki gift wrapping is eco-friendly as the cloth can be reused for other purposes or rewrapped around new gifts. Add a ribbon or a bow, and your gift wrapping will look beautiful.

Section 3: Use Maps or Newspapers

Maps and newspapers are unconventional gift wrapping materials, but they can look great if done correctly. Use old maps or newspapers to wrap your gifts instead of traditional wrapping paper. Pins or twine can be used to attach the ends of the paper. You can add a personalized touch by using a different section of a newspaper to wrap each gift. It’s a great way to recycle, and it looks unique and fun.

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Section 4: Use Personalized Gift Tags

Personalized gift tags are a simple and affordable way to add a special touch to your Christmas gift wrapping. Instead of using generic gift tags, use custom-made tags with your loved one’s name on them. You can make them yourself using cardstock paper and a calligraphy pen or purchase ready-made ones from a store. Adding a personalized message can make your gift wrapping even more personal and emotional.

Section 5: Use Gift Boxes

Gift boxes come in various shapes and sizes, and they offer an excellent way to package oddly-shaped gifts. Purchase pre-decorated gift boxes or plain ones that you can decorate yourself. You can add ribbons, bows, or even glitter to make your gift stand out. Gift boxes are durable and reusable, making them a great option for people who love to keep their gift boxes.

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Section 6: Use Washi Tape

Washi tape is a decorative tape made from rice paper. It’s available in different colors and designs, allowing you to create a vibrant and unique gift wrapping. You can use washi tape to create geometric patterns or hearts, flowers, or any other designs. It’s a simple yet elegant addition to your gift wrapping.

Section 7: Use Jars or Tins

Mason jars or tins are an excellent alternative for gift wrapping. Fill the jars or tins with cookies, candies, or any other treats, and wrap a ribbon around it as a finishing touch. You can also personalize the jar or tin by adding the recipient’s name or a small message. It’s an innovative way to gift without using traditional gift wrapping paper.

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Section 8: Use Fabric Ribbons

Fabric ribbons are an ideal alternative to traditional curling ribbons. They are soft, easy to work with, and they add a luxurious feel to your gift wrapping. Choose a ribbon in a color that complements the gift wrapping paper, and tie a simple bow or a knot for an elegant touch. Fabric ribbons can be reused, which makes them an eco-friendly option too.

Section 9: Use Photos

Photos can be a creative and sentimental way of wrapping gifts. Print out photos of you and your loved one or even cute pictures of your pet, and use it to wrap the gift. You can use clear cellophane tape to attach the photo to the wrapping paper or include it in a picture frame. It’s a personalized and heartwarming touch.

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Section 10: Add A Personal Touch

Finally, adding a personal touch to your gift wrapping can make all the difference. Write a heartfelt note on the gift tag or attach a small trinket that is related to the receiver’s hobbies or interests. For instance, you can attach a guitar pick for a friend who loves music or a small paintbrush for someone who enjoys painting. A personal touch will make your gift wrapping unique and unforgettable.


Q1. How do I wrap Christmas gifts quickly?

A1. The best way to wrap Christmas gifts quickly is by using gift bags or gift boxes. You can also wrap your gift with one-sided wrapping paper, which makes the wrapping process faster.

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Q2. Can I use old wrapping paper to wrap new gifts?

A2. Yes, you can use old wrapping paper to wrap new gifts. However, ensure that the paper is in good condition and not ripped or torn.

Q3. What are some affordable gift wrapping ideas?

A3. You can use brown craft paper, newspaper, or old maps to wrap gifts affordably. Personalized gift tags, fabric ribbons, and washi tape are also affordable gift wrapping options.

Q4. How do I make my gift wrapping stand out?

A4. You can make your gift wrapping stand out by using natural elements, personalized gift tags, Furoshiki, or even unconventional gift wrapping materials like photos or jars.

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Q5. How can I make my gift wrapping eco-friendly?

A5. To make your gift wrapping eco-friendly, use materials that can be reused, like gift boxes, fabric ribbons, or Furoshiki. You can also consider using recycled wrapping paper or wrapping gifts with old newspapers or maps.


Wrapping Christmas gifts is an opportunity to be creative and add a personal touch to your presents. From using natural elements to personalized gift tags, there are numerous genius ideas that will make your gift wrapping stand out under the tree. This year, take the time to wrap your gifts in a unique and innovative way, and you are sure to impress every receiver. Remember, a little effort goes a long way in gift wrapping. Happy Holidays!

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