March 7, 2023


Money has always been a crucial aspect of our lives, and we try hard to earn it in any way we can. Sometimes, we find ourselves stuck in jobs that do not pay as much as we think we deserve. However, did you know some jobs that pay surprisingly well and are not as common as others? In this blog post, we have compiled ten jobs that will shock you! Let’s take a look!

1. Voiceover

Did you know that famous voice artists like Nancy Cartwright, the voice of Bart Simpson, can make up to $400,000 per episode? If you have a voice that people love listening to, why not try your luck in the voiceover industry? It is a fun and flexible industry with various opportunities in animation, film, radio and television commercials, and even video games. The average salary for a voiceover artist is around $70,000, but depending on your experience and professionalism, you can earn much more!

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2. Embalmer

Many people might not have heard of the embalming profession, but it is an essential job in the funeral industry. Embalmers prepare bodies for funerals, preserving and sanitizing them for open casket viewings. Surprisingly, embalmers earn an average of $47,000, with some experienced professionals earning up to $77,000 yearly.

3. Musician

Being a musician seems like a fun hobby, but it can also be a lucrative career. Famous musicians like Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran make millions every year, but even as an independent musician, you can earn a decent income. Live performances, streaming revenue, and merchandise sales can help you earn from $28,000 to $143,000 yearly.

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4. Court Reporter

Court reporters are responsible for transcribing the proceedings in a courtroom or legal case. It may not seem like the most glamorous job, but court reporters make an average of $56,000 annually. It’s a technical and precise skill that requires a certification, but for those with attention to detail, it’s a well-paying profession.

5. Air Traffic Controller

Towering above their work station, air traffic controllers are responsible for directing and managing air traffic from the ground, ensuring safe passage for airplanes. They must undergo rigorous training and hold certification, but the pay off can be huge. The median salary for air traffic controllers is $122,990 per year.

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6. Elevator Mechanic

Elevator mechanics are responsible for the installation, maintenance, and repair of elevators, escalators, and other mechanical lifts. The job requires proper certification and apprenticeship training, with an average salary of $80,000.

7. Technical Writer

Technical writing is a profession that involves creating technical documents like user manuals, instruction sheets, and other technical literature in simple language. Technical writers are in high demand in various industries such as software companies, engineering, and healthcare. The average salary for a technical writer is $72,000 per year.

8. Gaming Manager

Gaming Managers manage the daily operations of a casino or gaming establishment, ensuring staff compliance and the flow of gaming. The average salary for a gaming manager is $79,000 per year, with an opportunity to earn bonuses.

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9. Video Editor

Video editing is an essential aspect of the film and television industry, requiring a keen eye for detail and visual storytelling. Video editors earn an average of $63,000 annually, with the opportunity to make more in the entertainment industry.

10. Color Consultant

Color consultants are professionals who help people choose the right color palettes, both in-home d├ęcor and in fashion wear. They are in demand by interior decorators, architects, fashion designers, and cosmetic companies. The average salary for a color consultant is $38,000, but those with experience and a strong portfolio can earn upwards of $100,000.


Q1. Which is the most well-paying job in the list?

A1. While all the jobs in the list pay well, the air traffic controller profession is the highest paying.

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Q2. Is technical writing a difficult job?

A2. Technical writing requires a good understanding of technology and excellent writing skills. However, with proper education and training, it is a rewarding and well-paying job.

Q3. Can I become a voiceover artist without prior experience?

A3. While prior experience is beneficial, it is not necessary to become a voiceover artist. Taking classes and workshops can help you refine your skills and build a professional portfolio.

Q4. What education is required to become an embalmer?

A4. A degree in mortuary science or funeral service education along with completion of an embalming apprenticeship is required to become an embalmer.

Q5. How can I become a color consultant?

A5. While no specific degree is required, certification in color analysis and design is beneficial. Gaining experience through internships and building a strong portfolio can also help you become a successful color consultant.

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The jobs mentioned may not be the most common, but they offer surprising salaries to those with the required skills and experience. Some of these jobs require certificates or specialized training, and some require only natural talents. We hope this blog post has provided insight into careers that offer more than meets the eye. Pursuing any of these careers may pave the way for a financially stable and fulfilling life.

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