Fuzzy Zoeller Net Worth
January 23, 2023


Fuzzy Zoeller, a former American professional golfer, ranked 10th on the all-time money list of the PGA Tour. Fuzzy was a successful athlete who led a luxurious lifestyle. Reports suggest that Fuzzy earned massive amounts of money through his golfing career and various endorsements.

However, Fuzzy’s net worth remained a mystery for quite a while. It was not until recently that his hidden wealth was uncovered. In this blog post, we will uncover the secret fortune of Fuzzy Zoeller and his hidden net worth.

Early Life and Career

Fuzzy Zoeller grew up in Indiana and started playing golf at a young age. He turned professional and joined the PGA tour in 1975. Fuzzy’s first breakthrough came when he won the 1979 Masters, becoming the third golfer to win in his first attempt. In 1984, Fuzzy won the U.S. Open, securing his position in the golfing world.

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PGA Tour Money List

Fuzzy Zoeller was known for his exceptional skills on the PGA Tour. He played on the tour for 32 years and earned more than $14.5 million. Zoeller ranked in the top 10 on the all-time career money list until 2008 when he was surpassed by Phil Mickelson. Fuzzy also won ten PGA Tour titles throughout his career.

Endorsements and Business Ventures

Fuzzy Zoeller was a popular face in the golfing world, leading to multiple endorsement deals with respected companies. He endorsed brands like Callaway, Titleist, and Indiana National Bank. In addition, Fuzzy also had business ventures outside golf, including a golf course and a winery.

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Real Estate Investments

Apart from his golfing and business ventures, Fuzzy Zoeller invested in real estate properties throughout his career. He purchased a 200-acre estate in Southern Indiana, which he named Fuzzy Zoeller’s Covered Bridge Golf Course.

Charity Work

Fuzzy Zoeller was a known philanthropist, actively taking part in charity events, including the Fuzzy Zoeller Scholarship Foundation. The foundation helps students pay for college education. In 2020, the foundation awarded $200,000 in scholarships.

The Masters Champion Dinner

In 1998, Fuzzy Zoeller received criticism from the media for making an unsuitable joke in reference to his successor and African American player, Tiger Woods. He made amends in 1999 by hosting Tiger Woods at the Masters Champion Dinner, where he served fried chicken. Afterward, he donated the serving plates to a local charity.

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Net Worth of Fuzzy Zoeller

The net worth of Fuzzy Zoeller had remained a mystery for quite some time, but recent reports suggest his total wealth stands at $40 million. His PGA Tour earnings alone exceed $14.5 million, and the other sources of income, including business ventures and endorsements, add up to the rest.


To conclude, Fuzzy Zoeller was a successful golfer who had various sources of income. His wanderings outside of golf brought him success in the real estate sector, business ventures, and endorsements. Fuzzy was also actively working for philanthropic causes throughout his career, showcasing his generosity. His total net worth of $40 million is not surprising, given his status in the golfing world.

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Q. What did Fuzzy Zoeller win in his first attempt?

A. Fuzzy Zoeller won the 1979 Masters in his first attempt, becoming the third golfer to do so.

Q. How much did Fuzzy Zoeller earn during his PGA Tour career?

A. Fuzzy Zoeller’s PGA Tour earnings exceeded $14.5 million throughout his 32-year career.

Q. What is the Fuzzy Zoeller Scholarship Foundation?

A. The Fuzzy Zoeller Scholarship Foundation is a charity organization that provides scholarships to college students.

Q. What is Fuzzy Zoeller’s net worth?

A. Fuzzy Zoeller’s total net worth is $40 million.

Q. What was Fuzzy Zoeller’s famous joke?

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A. In 1998, Fuzzy Zoeller made an unsuitable joke in reference to Tiger Woods, which garnered criticism from the media.

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